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Theory: Learning algebraic notation is simple, the name of the piece and the square it moves to - and a few other easy to learn rules including x = takes, + = check, 0-0 castle King side, and so on. The tedium comes in having to "learn" the grid which comes about by noting many games, right? What about learning to "think" and "speak" the grid, keeping the mind focused on the physical space referred to by a grid address, and saving the mental and physical energy required to see the piece, then look off to the side and edge of the board to figure out where it is? Once the grid is learned, writing it down becomes merely an excercise in discipline.

Initially the board looks a bit busy, but in no time one can't help but see the square address as part of the square itself, particularly on a 20 inch chess board. HTML screen shot

Using a small version (fits on 1 8X11 sheet of paper) SANCS mini board helps develop an appreciation for the diagonal geometry of the grid.

Software Learning Tools Free

Open Source Software (under development) can be used to quickly learn the grid much like the addition/subtraction math facts and multiplication tables. (see )
Used in conjuction with a SANCS chess board concentration can then focus on learning the game.

Making a regulation size SANCS chess board with inlaid addresses. Free

Print each of the 6 pages (this will be taxing on your printer cartridge) fold one edge that overlaps with another, then glue together. Forms one 20 inch chess board with 2 1/4 inch squares inlaid with grid co-ordinate address from both players perspective. Use [Print Preview] and [Page Setup] to adjust layout if necessary. page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6

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  • Vinyl rollup 20 inch, 2.25 inch squares inlaid with algebraic notation co-ordinate address from both players perspective.

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SANCS Board Image
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actual coloring is black print on white background.
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